Top 6 social media no- nos to avoid:


May 23, 2017

1. Don’t lash out:
Sometimes it’s hard to deal with constructive and/or blatantly harsh criticism from others, especially on such an open public space or forum like Facebook. Instead of say, swearing, ranting for hours, “yelling” in all caps, calling customers “stupid,” and then trying to cover it all up, responding quickly and calmly to a customer’s complaint, and trying to resolve it as soon as possible is simply the best thing you can do.

2. Don’t buy followers or fans:
It may be tempting to make social media a numbers game. The more followers or “Likes” you have; the cooler, more trusted, desirable brand you must be, right? However, the point of social media isn’t to acquire a mass following, but to build relationships with legitimate potential and current customers

3. Don’t be “Sir Spam-a-Lot”:
Commenting on other social media or blog posts purely for the purpose of getting your own brand out there screams “spammer.” If you think your content is relevant, contact the owner of the post and propose a real linking or collaboration strategy.

4. Don’t create fakes comments:
Who doesn’t want engagement and comments on posts, as well as a few good reviews on various sites? The problem is, they just can’t come from you – It boils down to dishonesty, and customers can easily see through it.

5. Don’t plagiarize:
Simple and true, “stealing content” aka plagiarism, isn’t cool. Content marketing is all the rage these days; however, creating your own quality content is of the utmost importance. If you’re sharing third party content on social media, or in blog post, (even if you’re paraphrasing), the source must be cited, including a link.

6. Don’t embellish:
Whether it’s a promotion, a contest, the specifics of what your service or product can offer, or a reaction to a mistake, exaggerating or embellishing can be incredibly obvious to a large audience.

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