In a world where marketing technology moves faster than a Ferrari on the Autobahn, keeping up is one hell of a task. But challenges are something we at MillionK love to take on. After a long time preparing and loads of learning, we are ready to officially unveil our most advanced service yet. Programmatic Media Buying.

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic media buying is a process of creating and posting ads all over the web with advanced targeting capabilities. What this means is that through Programmatic we are capable of accurate digital advertising that goes beyond simple search ads. The Ads we can post can be simple banners, rich media banners, Html5 banners, Video Ads and VPAID ads.

For all you more scientific people out there, programmatic advertising is the algorithmic process of buying and selling ads over an ad-exchange auction. The auction is determined using multiple factors that include demographic data, ad inventory and geographic location.


Unified auction will eventually power 95% of all advertisements and transactions. Our future depends on it. ~ Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk


But how is this different from AdWords Display Advertising?

The answer is pretty straight forward. With GDN you do have some forms of targeting available, that include interests, remarketing, affinity audiences, lookalike audiences, in-market audiences … With programmatic, your targeting can expand into a wider set of criteria. These criteria can include things like demographic data, geographic locations, specific websites and ad inventory and can even utilize third party data for audience identification. Third party audiences can include CRM data or data from services like BLUKAI and Nelson.

That sounds great and all but how does it work?

In simple terms, programmatic advertising is a multi-step process that takes milliseconds to be processed. First, some definitions:

  • Publisher: Site where the advertisement is placed
  • Audience: Users who log on to publisher’s site
  • SSP: Supplier Side Platform. The software that a publisher uses to manage available ad space
  • DSP: Demand Side Platform. The software advertisers use to manage ad buying
  • DMP: Data Management Platform
  • Ad Exchange: Ads and Ad space marketplace
  • Advertiser: Ad Buyer
  • RTB: Real Time Bidding

When a user accesses a publisher site, the cookie on his/her computer identifies him and sends a request through the publisher’s SSP into the Ad Exchange. This cookie is analyzed for identifiers and compared to Data located in the DMP for more information on the client and all that information is sent to all advertisers’ DSPs for bids. The DSP automatically evaluates the value of this client on multiple factors (age, gender, publisher, time of day, location, retargeting information …). The DSP that places the highest bid on this particular user on the Ad Exchange wins the auction and has its ad posted.

This way both advertiser and publishers pay and get paid amounts that are fair to both sides.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Well yes, you need to know that we are the first company that offers programmatic advertising in Lebanon. We even have a plan to expand this service and expand our Lebanon inventory. If you have any more questions on programmatic, let us know in the comment section. Someone is always available to help!

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