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MillionK, Becoming “Greater Than”

So this post was a long time coming. People kept constantly asking why are we called MillionK” and why is our slogan Greater Than”? Is there a point to this? Well of course we do and this story has been a long time coming. So if you like the tens of people who have asked me, ever wondered why do we call ourselves MillionK, here’s the answer.
“MillionK” is a combination of the Million (duh) and the K meaning a thousand. The idea is simple, we believe that to be successful does not mean you have to be big! The Million” represents all the big boys, with the big budgets and the big attitudes to match. The K” represents all those small businesses that have disrupted major industries. Its a shout out to the underdogs of this world, the ones that have shattered walls, and tore down all obstacles despite all odds. The K” represents the small businesses and startups that push us forward.
The K” is our statement to the world that no matter how small you are, you can do great things. You can always be the straw that breaks the camel’s back”, the David to your industry’s Goliath”, all it takes is a little extra effort. We have made a commitment to help the little guy, to route for the underdog, they are what our community is made off. 
We may not be that big yet, but that’s what makes us who we are. We are great, because we are small, because we are agile. We can adapt to changes faster, work smarter and push harder. We promise to help you be Greater Than” the competition. Trust us and together we will do great things!
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