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July 2016

Three insane customer loyalty-creating principles:

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I've always wondered how no matter some brands do, they never lose their loyal customers. And I am one of those customers. So I took a long while considering what makes me so loyal. These are the points I came up with while deep thought, and I am publishing this post in order to outline what I need to research in the future, AND to hold myself accountable to it!

Top 6 social media no- nos to avoid:

By | 2017-06-28T13:00:42+00:00 July 18th, 2016|Creative|

1. Don’t lash out: Sometimes it’s hard to deal with constructive and/or blatantly harsh criticism from others, especially on such an open public space or forum like Facebook. Instead of say, swearing, ranting for hours, “yelling” in all caps, calling customers “stupid,” and then trying to cover it all up, responding quickly and calmly to a customer’s complaint, and trying to resolve it as soon as possible is simply the best thing you can do.

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