Three insane customer loyalty-creating principles:

May 23, 2017

  • Create Polarity
    Polarity is the concept of us vs. them, good vs. evil or yin vs. yang. Polarity amongst brands are for example are The Pepsi Challenge like the commercials in which people did blind taste tests of Pepsi vs. Coke.  This was PepsiCo creating polarity by taking a stance, declaring war in a battle of the brands, and gave Coca-Cola a run for its money.
  • Create an Avatar
    No we’re not talking about the movie, about the blue aliens, nor about creating a video game character. This means you take your brand and you build it around your customer, this depends on your customer’s age, gender, demographic, marital status…. Understanding your customer is the key to gaining their loyalty, if you want you can try to be your customer to make it easier
    Pinterest”is an excellent example of a brand banking on its customer avatar. It’s said that “Pinterest” was developed with a specific audience in mind: Female, 25-35+, from Middle America, makes 50K+ a year, etc.  Pinterest’s customer profiling certainly paid off,  as it’s the fastest growing social network in the world.
  • Create Status
    People by nature desire ownership and to own material, but what is more desirable than owning stuff? No,  not love, its status and social symbol. Humans desire to maintain a high profile status
    let’s tale for example the  Scouts. What do sweet, innocent little Girl Scouts have to do with status? Look at all their badges! When I was a Scout back in elementary school, I did just about anything and everything to gain one more precious, embroidered badge to display on my colored sash. Having a plethora of “flare” is a big deal, and the more I obtained, the higher the status in my thin mint-slinging world – It works!
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